Getting Started

What is React Native Starter?

We love building apps with React Native, because it helps us create high quality products for both major mobile platforms quickly and cost-effectively.

Getting started on a new app just takes too long. Most apps need the same basic building blocks and developer infrastructure, and we are bored of reinventing the wheel time and time again.

This Starter Kit reflects the best practices of React Native development we have discovered while building real-world applications for our customers. It is opinionated about tooling, patterns and development practices. It might not be a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone, but feel free to customize it for your needs, or just take inspiration from it.

More information about React Native Starter and downloads:

What's inside

  • Always up-to-date React Native and Expo scaffolding

  • UI/UX Design from industry experts

  • Modular and well-documented structure for application code

  • Redux for state management

  • React Navigation for simple navigation

  • Disk-persisted application state caching

  • More than 16 Ready-to-use Pages

Up and running

1. Clone and Install

# Clone the repo
git clone

# Install dependencies
yarn install

2. Open RNS with Expo

First, you need to install Expo CLI (if you don't have it yet). You can do it by running the following command in terminal:

npm install expo-cli --global

Then you can start the project by going to the project's folder and running there:

expo start

That's it! Cool, right?

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